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How We Work

Wellspring helps organizations build cohesive and equitable cultures with four phases of management consulting, expert training, facilitation, and leadership development.

Step 1: Evaluate

We take the time to evaluate your organization's culture and readiness for change. We achieve this by conducting a detailed analysis of how your team experiences your company culture and how your organization is perceived by the public.

Step 2: Educate

Begin your journey with three customized workshops to get your team up to speed on key terms, definitions, historical events, and solution-oriented steps toward justice and fairness.

Step 3: Lead Together

Deepen your learning with an affinity group of people with similar identities. Learn how our individual and collective identity is constructed, determines the policies and practices of our workplaces, communities, and institutions, and produces inequitable outcomes.

Step 4: Evolve

Cultivate the critical thinking skills and emotional awareness necessary to help yourself and others adapt to an inclusive and equitable culture with a Wellspring Coach. Connect with a broader community advocates who are building better company cultures right now.

"This training was life-changing, affirming, and inspiring. We were gently and kindly inspired as individuals and a group to take action for positive change. I am so grateful for this work. Our trainings will help ensure we are inclusive within our organization and as we work with clients - and to be more understanding and insightful as human beings."

Cathy Barrick
CEO, Alzheimer Society of Ontario

Stay Connected

Your online platform is designed to support continuous learning and engagement on issues of equity in your community. Most importantly, your learning is facilitated by our team of qualified professionals with deep knowledge and experience in the field of identity development, effective leadership, and social justice.

Redesign for Equity

Access all the tools, relationships, and events you need to apply solutions for equity in your community while also living out your commitment to excellence.

Take the Journey

Living out a thoughtful commitment to excellence and equity can help all kinds of institutions thrive. Now is a time for bold thinking, creativity, and new connections to be made, not divisiveness. Join us on the journey.


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